Sunday, June 20, 2010

First sighting of damage.

Sooner or later, we were going to see damage to the bikes, but I never expected to see damage this quickly.

As you can see the left hand peddle has broken off – I’ll assume accidentally as the peddle was left with the bike. I was interested to see if the rider who last used the bike bothered to press the maintenance button to alert the Melbourne Bike Share team to the issue.

Sadly, when I used my key and the bike was released to me, then imminently returned with maintenance alerted. It’s unfortunate that the bike was damaged but I find it hard to describe how silly it is that the person who used it last didn’t just press the maintenance button to have the problem resolved for all users of the system.

I do realise its still a new system and people are still learning how to use it but the instructions about damaged bikes is displayed on the handlebar...

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  1. i had one doubt that is it bike share stations needed to partitioned into Weekday and Weekend stations to reflect this reality?Bikes Melbourne