Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to the Bike Share Melbourne blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to Bike Share Melbourne!

Bike Share Melbourne is a unofficial blog watching the new Melbourne Bike Share program that has just launched. At present, the site will be used for updates in relation to new stations that are opening up across the city of Melbourne as the project expands.

To help with this, I have also created a mobile optimised site that lets you use your phone to find the bike share stations around the city.

The site is http://BikeShare.Tel and you can either visit it on your computer or through your phone. BikeShare.Tel will provide you with a list of Melbourne Bike Share locations and places where helmets can be purchased.
My hope is to allow casual users of the Melbourne Bike Share program to be confident in knowing they won’t be wasting time trying to find a bike station.

Please feel free to suggest any ideas on how we can make BikeShare.Tel better!

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